IFC Certification Ltd

IFC Certification Ltd is a independent UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high quality and customer focused third party certification and is also a Notified Certification Body for certificating products for CE Marking under the Construction Products Directive.

The company is a member of the long established IFC Group of companies including International Fire Consultants Ltd.

IFC Certification team work with Manufacturers and installers to provide a range of independent services:



Product Certification Schemes  

These are designed to give confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies that products have been thoroughly and independently evaluated and will continue to be manufactured to the same specification as originally tested

  • Attestation of conformity for CE Marking. A basic level of certification designed to satisfy the minimum requirements for a product to be placed on the European market. Evaluation is against European technical specifications such as harmonised standards and European Technical Approvals. Not a quality mark.
  • High level third party certification against IFCC’s own rigorous standards International, European, British or Industry standards. Evaluation involves initial type testing, establishment of a comprehensive field of application, auditing of quality management and factory production control procedures, auditing and labelling.


Installer Certification Schemes 

These are designed to ensure that certificated and tested products are installed within the approved field of application by skilled and competent operatives thus giving confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies

  • Involves auditing of an installer company’s office and site based activities, competence assessment of operatives and supervisors and certificates of conformity


Site Inspection Services 

These are designed to provide independent inspection for any party with an interest in the fire protection in a building

  • Independent inspection cover all aspects of fire protection in new or existing buildings


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