Enhanced Security Scheme

IFCC Enhanced Security Scheme

Having products certificated by IFCC to the IFCC Enhanced Security Performance Product scheme will help you market and sell your products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The IFCC Enhanced Security Performance Product scheme has been developed to meet the requirements set out for police Secured by Design.

IFC Certification Ltd (IFCC) provides affordable, customer focused, independent third party certification of enhanced security products meeting the requirements of Secured by Design.

IFC Certification is a UKAS accredited certification body.  IFCC schemes are designed for you to demonstrate the certification of your products over those which are not subject to such stringent approval processes. Certification covers initial type testing, factory production control audit and includes procedures to demonstrate that subsequent production will also have the same performance, delivering increased product confidence.

Secured by Design is the official UK police flagship initiative supporting the principle of ‘designing out crime’.

“Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises through the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.”

The certification process

IFCC is UKAS accredited for a number of schemes. IFCC evaluates products by a process of type product testing, audit testing and assessment against defined criteria that establish a field of application to help ensure that products are specified and used within their approved scope.

Testing is conducted against British standards (BS). Products are tested against BS6375 (Environmental & Durability Testing) followed by BS EN1627, 1628, 1629, 1630 or PAS24 in order to establish the level of security afforded by the product.

To ensure traceability and consistency of production, IFCC regularly audits the manufacturer’s factory production control processes.

Certificated products are required to be labelled/marked to ensure traceability, even in completed buildings.

Product schemes

IFCC’s certification schemes are developed in close liaison with stakeholders to ensure they meet the industry’s needs.

The following schemes are currently available:

• Enhanced security doors

– Timber

– Metal

– Composite


• Enhanced security windows/glazing

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IFCC Secured by Design 11-15 v2 IFCC Secured by Design 11-15 v2 (672.1kb)