Installer Certification

To complement IFC Certification Ltd’s range of product certification schemes we offer a range of schemes designed to provide confidence that fire protection is installed properly to good standards of workmanship and within the scope of approval for the specified product.

The following installer schemes are currently available with more under development: 

  • Fire resistant timber doors [SDI 14]
  • Fire resistant metal doors [SDI 15]
  • Fire resistant composite doors [SDI 16]
  • Fire resistant glass and glazing [SDI 13]
  • Structural steel fire protection; board systems, sprays, intumescent coatings [SDI 07] + [SDI 08]
  • Penetration and linear gap seals, cavity barriers (fire stopping) [SDI 09] + [SDI 10]
  • Timber and steel stud partitions [SDI 12]
  • Fire and smoke curtains (active or passive) [SDI 05]
  • Fire resistant roller shutters [SDI 17]
  • Fire rated dampers [SDI 18]
  • Smoke Ventilation Systems [SDI 19]
  • Residential & domestic sprinklers systems [SDI 22]
  • Commercial & industrial sprinklers systems [SDI 23]
  • Sprinkler maintenance [SDI 24]
  • Timber frame buildings (fire risk reduction)
  • Commercial, industrial, residential and domestic water mist systems

Certificated installers are subject to independent auditing of their office and site based activities combined with competency assessment of operatives and supervisors.

IFC Certification Ltd is a UKAS accredited certification body and is a Notified Body (No. 1720) under the Construction Products Directive.

IFC Certification Ltd operates schemes designed to meet its client’s needs in the market.

We will guide you efficiently through the process and make certification a benefit not a burden.

A copy of the scheme requirements is available below.

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sdi_00_v1.1_181013_general_requirements_for_installation_contractor_scheme sdi_00_v1.1_181013_general_requirements_for_installation_contractor_scheme (468.1kb)
IFCC Installer Certification IFCC Installer Certification (581.6kb)