Welcome to IFC Certification Ltd

IFC Certification Ltd is a UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high quality customer focused independent third party certification.

IFC Certification Ltd is also a Notified Certification Body for certificating products for CE Marking under the Construction Products Directive.

The company is a member of the long established IFC Group of companies including International Fire Consultants Ltd, who have established an enviable independent position offering clients across the world impartial advice on Fire Safety.


IFC Certification services include:

Attestation for CE Marking -A basic level of certification designed to satisfy the minimum requirements for a product to be placed on the European market.

Newsflash - IFC Certification can now conduct AVCP against EN 16034 for the CE Marking of fire resisting doorsets (see news item)

Third Party Product Certification Schemes designed to give confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies that products have been thoroughly and independently evaluated and will continue to be manufactured to the same specification as originally tested.

IFCC is now able to offer certification to US standards, UL10c (2009) and NFPA 252-(2008) alongside that to British and European norms.

Enhanced Security Scheme - Having products certificated by IFCC to the IFCC Enhanced Security Performance Product scheme will help you market and sell your products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Installer Certification Schemesdesigned to ensure that certificated and tested products are installed within the approved field of application by skilled and competent operatives to give confidence to specifiers, users, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies .

Site Inspection Services- independent third party inspection of fire protection in new and existing buildings.

Newsflash - IFCC can now conduct analysis of multiple layers of paint to determine fire performance of surfaces in communal areas (see news item)

Quality Management Systems - quality management systems for manufacturers, installers, fire risk assessors and other professional bodies operating in the fire protection industry.

Fire Risk Assessment Certification Scheme - independent third party certification of companies undertaking fire risk assessments.