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Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 QMS

IFC Certification are accredited to ISO/IEC 17021-1 by UKAS to provide certification of quality management systems (ISO 9001) for manufacturers and installers operating in the fire protection industry.

System certification focuses on the management system you use in your company. It clarifies responsibilities, authorisations and procedures within your organisation. Most shortcomings in an organisation can be traced back to unclear communication and insufficient clarity about responsibilities, tasks, competencies and procedures.

Implementing a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 will increase people’s awareness of what they do, how, when and why they do it.

Client opinions emerge through customer satisfaction surveys. Other aspects of business operation are also more manageable when a well-functioning management system is in place. 

The advantages are evident: more efficient work processes, happier employees, better risk control, improved customer satisfaction and greater profits.

Achieving successful certification through IFC Certification schemes, means your fire related products and services will meet the needs of the fire industry and end users, helping with PQQ, RFI as it addresses tender requirements, has proven repeatable processes and procedures, whilst provides consistency in products and processes.

Improve your business performance with ISO 9001

Benefits of ISO 9001 Status

ISO 9001 allows your organisation to demonstrate your commitment to providing high quality and  exceptional customer focused services.

An ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) will help you to better understand and streamline your systems and processes, that will free up valuable management time, ensure consistency of outputs, minimise mistakes and improve communications. 

Companies that implement this approach benefit from increased levels of morale across their workforce, build greater levels of customer retention all of which contributes to stronger revenues for further growth and development.

by following industry best-practice and focusing on quality you can reduce your costs and become a more agile organisation that can quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

by developing a clearer understanding of your supply chain, as well as, more visible and consistent operational processes, ISO 9001 certification increases supplier confidence allowing for closer partnerships.

with the globally recognised ISO 9001, you are best placed to win ever more new clients, improve customer retention rates and benefit from an uptick more repeat business.

by having a greater understanding of your customer’s requirements and reducing the potential for errors throughout your operational systems, you increase the market’s confidence in your ability to deliver time and time again.

by improving internal communications and visibility of performance, you can ensure everyone in your organisation is able to work towards the same goals and visions, promoting team cohesion and employee satisfaction.

Scheme Example

SDM 31Q V3.1 Quality Management System (ISO 9001 2015) Certification Scheme (PDF 437kb)

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"When entering the Passive Fire Protection Industry we made the choice of becoming third party certified with IFC due to the help and advice they gave us while setting up. Our auditors have always been on hand to assist when required. We look forward to many more years having IFC as our Third Party Certification Body. "
Paul Skinner
Prestige Fire Safety

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