Remote Assessments/Audits


IFCC needs your cooperation to ensure the confidence in accreditation does not diminish during these challenging times. Remote assessments / audits can maintain this confidence without risking our Auditors safety or that of our customers.

IFCC therefore support the decision by UKAS to conduct office assessments / audits remotely until at least 31st May 2020.

A remote office assessment / audit is one that is conducted off site either in whole or in part. Remote assessments generally make use of technology, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and in some cases will allow computer screens to be shared to allow the Auditor to view files and relevant documents in real time.

Where the sharing of computer screens is not possible relevant information and documents can be forwarded in advance by email to allow a full audit to be carried out remotely during the current UK restrictions.

Site audits will continue in some cases where it is safe to do so for all involved and we are assessing this on a case by case basis.

We may still need to visit you once restrictions are lifted and will let you know if this is the case.

Watch this useful short video (provided by UKCAS) for a quick and simple introduction to remote assessments and what it is likely to involved.


If you are due to have a IFC Certification Ltd remote audit in this time and you have any queries, please speak directly to the IFCC team on +44 1844 275500.

Working together we can continue to deliver trust and confidence in the marketplace and protect the health and safety of our workforces.