Which type of registration do I need?

Maufacturer accounts are able to add new products, and respond to licencing requests, but not issue or request Labels

Distributor accounts are not able to add products, but can apply for Licences from Manufactureres. Once licenced for a product, all Fabricators with licences will be visible.

Fabricator accounts are able to add new products of their own, or apply for Licences from Manufactureres and add products using the manufacturers 'Core'. Fabricators are able to request licences from IFC, issue Labels and record Projects.


I've forgotten my registration details

If you have forgoten your password, you can enter your email address, and click on 'Forgotten Password'.

If you can not remember your account details please contact IFC on +44(0)1844 276920


How can I change company / contact / product / licence / label details?

After you have logged in, you shold view the record you wish to change and click on 'Change Request'. Complete the form, and click on 'Submit Request' to send to IFC. Once the change has been completed your company contact will be notified.