CE Marking

Under the Construction Products Regulation (305/2011) construction products are required to be CE Marked. This is the system under which a product is evaluated to a set of requirements enabling it to be placed on the European market.  CE Marking is a product ‘passport’ for Europe.

Fire protection products are required to be evaluated by authorities approved by the EU (Notified Certification Bodies).  IFC Certification Ltd (IFCC) is a Notified Certification Body and is able to conduct the AVCP (Assessment & Verification of Constancy of Performance) for your fire protection products enabling you to CE Mark them.

The AVCP is conducted against a 'Technical Specification' which, depending on the product, is either a harmonised European Standard (EN) or a European Assessment Document (EAD) which will specify the testing and evaluation requirements, to achieve classifications against a number of characteristics for which performance is claimed.

Note: a CE Mark denotes compliance with minimum performance requirments enabling a product to be placed on the European market. The CE Mark is not a ‘Quality Mark’ and should not be confused with ‘Third Party Product Certification’. This is also offered separately by IFCC under its 'Product Certification' service. 

‘Technical Specifications’ are not currently in place to enable the CE Marking of all fire protection products. 

CE Marked products may not necessarily comply with regulatory requirements outside of the European Union.

IFCC have conducted AVCP for a large number of clients enabling them to CE Mark their products and to successfully develop and grow their markets in Europe.

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