Labelling of Fire Doors

A unique feature of IFCC certification of Halspan doors is the ability for regulatory and enforcement bodies to verify the authenticity of a door by reference to the individually numbered label applied to each. Data recorded for each label specifies the Fabricator, door type, the building and the location of the door within the building.

Note that this information is available only to regulators and enforcers who are required to register online with IFCC and are then given access to a restricted area of the website with the label usage data. Users cannot browse all labels and contracts but have to input a specific label number that they have seen on a door in a building. The details of where that label was used are then available. Information on labels and where doors have been installed is not available on the website or to other Manufacturers or Fabricators.

This is an important tool in helping to combat forgery and fraudulent use of labels and gives confidence to regulators in the authenticity of the doors they see installed which adds value to your IFCC certificated products.

Of course this facility is only effective if Fabricators accurately record label usage and upload the information to the IFCC website, (

When IFCC audits your factory we now record both the number of Halspan blanks in stock and the number of labels. All labels should be accounted for by recording usage on the IFCC website.

Details of how to upload label usage data are available to download from the log in page of our website.

Please contact us if you have any problems accessing your secure area of the website or uploading label details.

Bob Williams

Director of Certification

30 June 2011

Last Updated: 31/10/2012