ISO/IEC 17065

IFCC have pleasure in announcing their successful award of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accreditation as a result of the successful assessment undertaken by UKAS in December 2013l.

'17065' is the new accreditation standard for Certification Bodies providing product certification (this standard is also used for accreditation of installer certification scheme).

The new standard launched in December 2012 is the replacement for the long used EN45011 standard and all Certification Bodies, worldwide, have three years from its launch to undertake transition to the new standard. IFCC took the business decision to once again lead the way and worked throughout the second half of 2013 to implement the revised, new procedures and working practices in order to comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

At the time of writing it is believed that IFCC is the fire certification body in the fire safety industry to be awarded accreditation to this new standard, which is a step change by comparison to the old outgoing EN45011.

We would point out to all authorities, specifiers and regulators who have responsibility to verify the appropriateness of certification offered for their approval by product manufacturers, installer companies that they should now be checking with the bodies issuing these certificates of their status in respect of their transition towards this new standard, which has already replaced EN45011.

For those product manufacturers and installer companies interested in taking up voluntary 3rd party certification we would advise they also establish their chosen certification body's status in respect of transition to this new standard. Alternatively please call IFCC to see how we can help with your certification requirements as IFCC can use the experience in achieving this transition to help you.

Last Updated: 10/07/2014